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TV Lokal
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IMDb Rating: –
Quality: HD
Genres: Horror
Director: Nayato Fio Nuala
Stars: Indah Permatasari, Maxime Bouttier, Chris Laurent
Country: Indonesia
Rino, 3rd grade high school student, tells scary stories about the locked old toilet door in the school to his juniors who are in the probation for candidates of OSIS (school organization) leaders. Rino fiction is proved right: the locked toilet door exists. However, his friend, Andi still considers that the ghost in the toilet is just a myth. He makes ​​a challenge for the candidates to open the door. Andi cs put cameras in the hallway to record those who fear. The candidates were given the challenge of finding OSIS flag in spooky places in the school and: in the locked toilet door. Many retreat. Sinta is forced to be the one to do the challenge. Vina and Andi release Sinta at the end of the hallway. Sinta then walk backwards. Along the way, she has a lot of disturbances created by Rino. Sinta succeeds to pry the locked door. The result: all get disturbed. Next morning, Mr Norman, a teacher, is angry because the door was dismantled . He calls the fatal consequences if the door is opened. Andi does not take it seriously. Meanwhile Sinta is changing: no longer a shy girl, but being flirty girl. On Sunday, they gather to see Rino recordings. There appears small child ghost clinging to Andi’s feet. They immediately race to the school to meet Mr Norman, who the tells the story of a student named Asih who fell in love with him. He could not receive the love since he was married. Asih killed herself. Mr Norman says that this story will be repeated when there is a tragic love triangle. To restore the situation, they should bring some padlocks, boards, and latch. He will perform the ritual. source

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