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IMDb Rating:
Title: Max (2015)
Quality: BDRip
Subtitle: English, Indonesian
Genres: Adventure, Family
Director: Boaz Yakin
Stars: Thomas Haden Church, Josh Wiggins, Luke Kleintank
Country: USA
Kyle and his dog Max serve as soldiers on the frontline in Afghanistan. Kyle died in an ambush and Max is sent home traumatised to loud noises and hostile to people. Max only obeys Kyle brother Justin so the family adopts Max though Justin reluctantly accepts his new responsibility. Justin meets his friend Chuys cousin Mia who is good with dogs. Mia helps Justin trains and bonds with Max. Kyles friend Tyler comes back stateside, claiming to have injuries discharge and asking Justins father for work and shelter, which the man gives. Justin meets Chuys acquaintance Emilio who often buys pirated games from Justin. Justin and Max follows Emilios scent and finds him and Tyler and a another man dealing arms. But the mans pitbulls catches Justins scenet and go for him. Justin escapes capture but the man, who turns out to be the sheriifs deputy, comes with Tyler to the house. Tyler persuades Justin to shut his mouth and put down Max. Justin reluctantlyagrees and lets the dog pound takes Max. His father gets suspicious about what happened and asks Justin about Tyler. He then goes to Tylers place he lent him and finds Tyler and the deputy with an arms cache. So Tyler and the deputy takes the father hostage. Max escapes his captors and goes back to Justin. They with Chuy and Mia then follows Tylers scent to the forest and finds him, Emilio, and the deputy about to do another deal. Again the pitbulls catches their scent and go after them. Max fight off the dogs and Justin evades Tyler. Emilio finds Chuy but Justin subdues him. The father frees himself and handles the deputy. Justin tekks Mia to go get the police while he and Max run with Tyler on their heels. Eventually Justin gets cornered on the railway bridge with Tyler readied to shoot him. Max runs from behind and pushes him to the river. Fortunately Max survives the ordeal and the father starts to trust Max as part of the family.
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